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lunedì 7 maggio 2012

The Advocate - Baton Rouge, LA (USA)

By smiley anders
May 02, 2012
Frances and Darrell Boudreaux say a highlight of a vacation in Sicily was dinner at Cin Cin Ristorante in Palermo.
It’s owned by Vincenzo Clemente, a 1987 LSU graduate and the Tiger basketball mascot in 1986 when LSU went to the Final Four. (He has an LSU Tigers plaque on the wall.)
Says Frances, “After introducing ourselves and sharing our Baton Rouge and LSU connections, Vincenzo immediately showed us to a table and returned with three glasses of Prosecco for a toast to LSU and a wonderful time in Sicily.
“Louisianians tend to be picky about food, especially seafood, but our meal was outstanding.
“I was adventurous and tried the pasta with sardines and the swordfish rolls. Darrell had pasta with mussels, clams and shrimp, and another fish dish.
“As we were getting ready to leave, Vincenzo brought us a bottle of Sicilian red wine from the Mount Etna region, and told us to drink it on the day of the first LSU football game this fall.
“I recommend that anyone traveling to Palermo set aside an evening for dinner at Cin Cin and enjoy the culinary talents of a fellow LSU Tiger.”